An Inspirational Quote from Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn Trilogy”

“It is said that a picture can say a thousand words. Well, so can a thousand words. They are the keys by which we can unlock new and amazing worlds, some of which ascend beyond the imagination, and it all begins on the first page.” – BookNerd

“It is said that a picture can say a thousand words. Well, so can a thousand words. They are the keys by which we can unlock new and amazing worlds, some of which ascend beyond the imagination, and it all begins on the first page.”BookNerd

Greetings Fellow BookNerds,

As I continue to read my way through the Mistborn trilogy, I have come to the realization that these books contain what I think are some of the best literary quotes… heck, the best life quotes, of all time. With every page I read, my own yearning to write grows, in the hopes that I can tap into the deepest recesses of my imagination and pull out something as brilliant and thought provoking as what Sanderson has managed to create.

This quote, from Sanderson’sThe Well of Ascension“, really spoke to me as someone who has chosen to follow the writers path, which today is highly competitive and difficult to get into. At times, it feels a lot like drawing lots; sometimes you’ll get lucky with a big break, and other times you’ll encounter failure after failure after failure. You pretty much need to have a will of steel, otherwise the continual rejection could become a rather daunting, impassible wall.

However, if we were to succeed at everything on the first try, then we would be missing out on the thrill and satisfaction that comes from giving something our all until we finally succeed. This feeling is summed up very well in the following quote:      

“It’s easy to believe in something when you win all the time…The losses are what define a man’s faith.”

                                                                                                                     ― Brandon Sanderson, The Well of Ascension      

As I read this quote, I’m reminded of when I used to play badminton with my siblings when I was little. It was, and continues to be, one of my favourite sports of all times – yes, it is a sport, all of you out there who don’t see it as such – but there was a time when I wanted to give it up altogether. Whenever I played against my siblings, I did pretty damn well, and when I found out that my school was holding tryouts for the badminton team, I was convinced that I would be able to get on it, no problem. My own confidence surprised me, since I’m probably one of the least confident people I know, yet I had a pretty good feeling about my odds.

As I’m sure you can guess, I didn’t make it. In fact, during the tryout matches, I lost every single time, and I was shocked. How could that be? What did I do wrong? Am I really not as good as I thought I was? All of these questions whirled around in my head as I dragged myself back to class, my shoulders slouched by the weight of my failure. It was one of the worst moments in my life… and yet, I have absolutely no regrets.

The following year, I decided that I was going to tryout for the high school baseball team, but unlike with the badminton fiasco, I worked hard to hone my skills, practicing every day after school, and not making the same mistake of putting the cart before the horse. I reminded myself that there was a chance I wouldn’t make it onto the team, but that I wouldn’t know unless I tried. This time, I achieved my goal, and I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for my failure to make it onto the badminton team.

I know it’s a rather simple example, especially when compared to the context in which this quote was uttered in the novel – I won’t give away any details, for those who have yet to read it – but I think the meaning is clear: our faith in something, even our own abilities, is strengthened more by our failures than our successes, because if we fail yet our faith remains intact, then that is a testament to how strong that faith truly is.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this quote. Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on my blog’s facebook page, and if you have any quotes of your own you would like to share, I would love to read those as well. Comment away, and as always, keep on reading!



Words of Wisdom: Inspiring Words For Aspiring Writers

I read to live and I live to read. That's my circle of life.

“I read to live and I live to read. That’s my circle of life.”

Greetings Fellow BookNerds!

Writing is one of our oldest, most dynamic and inspiring professions, an art form capable of  bringing to life people, places and the world they exist within, through the use of a limited number of simple markings on a page. The fundamental concept of story writing really hasn’t changed all that much, in the sense that people do it with the intention of creating something based on either fact, fiction or both. The style and methods we use, however, are in a constant state of change, evolving in a way which reflects the very mindset of the society at any given time. What people consider to be a good read changes almost as quickly as fashion cell phone trends. Once day, it’s all about the vampire/human/werewolf love triangle, and the next day you have to be following the fight over the iron throne. The problem is that there is always a new book coming out, and as much as we would like to read them all, there are just not enough hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month… well, you get the picture. We basically have to pick and choose what we figure would be worth putting the time in to read, and cross our fingers that we won’t be disappointed.

Going back to the changes in writing styles, what I find to be the most impressive aspect of modern writing is how talented authors have become at creating the kinds of characters that we can’t help but fall head over heels for, to the point where we feel their pains and happiness as our own. That is not an easy thing to do, because you not only have to create a character people would find interesting, but who is also believable in the sense that the things they do and say are realistic, and not like the cheesy overacting you find in soap operas.

It’s a great skill, but that’s not all modern authors are good at. They’re also good at creating characters who may seem like they’ll be around until the end of the series, but then they go ahead and kill them off in a way which breaks our hearts and rips open our tear ducts. I would provide some examples, but I would hate to give away any spoilers. I’m sure that anyone who has seen or read Game of Thrones understands what I’m getting at. Those are the kinds of stories where even if a seemingly insignificant character gets killed off, the impact it has on our emotions is surprisingly powerful.

Before I go on rambling for too long, here is the quote which inspired these thoughts of mine. It’s a quote by the infamous horror writer Stephen King, whose ability to continuously pour stories out on paper no matter how many books he has already written will never cease to astound me.

 “I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose.”

I must confess, I have read very little of the works by King, but I am familiar with his style based on the movie renditions of some of his more famous work. He is definitely one of those authors who can create some of the most memorable characters, and even though some people may not be too happy about it, he won’t hesitate to kill them off, or turn them into something that turned your love for the character into hate and anger. The mark of a good writer is being able to manipulate our emotions; knowing in which direction to take the story in order to evoke a specific thought in the readers mind.

In light of this weeks quote, here is my question for all of you lovely booknerds:

Question: Which author do you feel is the best at this style of story writing? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or on my blogs facebook page, and until next time, happy reading!



Inspirational Words from Christopher Reeve

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

It’s amazing how the Summer can appear to be four months of free time when longing for its arrival during exams, but then it disappoints you by being just as much stress and work. This is my beat-around-the-bush way of saying that I haven’t had much time lately to post anything, which you all probably noticed without me having said anything. I would like to apologize for me prolonged absence, and I am going to try my very best to get back to a more or less consistent posting schedule.

To kick start my new resolution – which will hopefully go better than the others I’ve made in the past – I thought it appropriate to present all of you lovely BookNerds with an inspirational quote that will get you started on that list of summer goals.

Christopher Reeve - Nothing Is Impossible

Christopher Reeve, 1952 ~ 2004

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

That’s all for today. As you all know, I am currently working on another blog, which is dedicated to covering news stories ranging from major headlines to what’s new in the world of health, science, space and entertainment. Due to this multitasking effort, I’ve decided that I will alternate between posting here and on my other blog; in other words, I will only be posting here every other day, unless something really mind-blowingly unbelievably fantastic happens. Also, my third blog is still in a state of purgatory, and may be see for quite some time unless a window of time suddenly opens up and gives me a chance to jump through it ^_^

Enjoy the gorgeous weather which seems to finally be blessing us this Summer, and until next time, happy reading!



Words of Wisdom: Ken Follett

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Before we get to today’s topic, I just wanted to make sure you were all made aware that non other than Nathan Fillion will be making an appearance at Ottawa Comiccon. From Captain of Serenity to Novel Writer/FBI consultant, Mr. Fillion has made quite a name for himself, and his addition to the guest list is a wonderful gift. Also, keep in mind that there may still be more people added to the guest list, so be sure to check on the official Ottawa Comiccon website at least once a day.

That being said, today’s segment will comprise of a quote from historical fiction author Ken Follett, who has written countless novels and series spanning from the Middle Ages, all the way to World War II.


(Ken Follett, 1949 ~ present)

“I like to create imaginary characters and events around a real historical situation. I want readers to feel: OK, this probably didn’t happen, but it might have.

This is exactly what comes to mind for me whenever I pick up one of his books. The characters have so much depth to them, and even if they only make a brief appearance in the storyline, you still can’t help but wonder whether they’ll come back into the story later on. The historical details, from what I can tell, are very accurate, although you would probably need to consult an actual historian to be certain. Even if they were slightly altered, though, they are written in so much detail, and incorporate this kind of undeniable logic that it could have dragons and magic in it and you would still believe it. This is the mark of a truly talented writer.

That’s all for today. As always, I encourage you to leave your thoughts and any questions you may have in the comments, and until next time, happy reading!



Words of Wisdom: Sherlock Holmes

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Today, I wish to impose upon you the words of an author whose wisdom is conveyed through his minds greatest creation; Sherlock Holmes. It may be the words of a fictional character, but that does not lessen the truth of these words…


(Sir Athur Conan Doyle, 1859~1930)

“[…]for strange effects and extraordinary combinations we must go to life itself, which is always far more daring than any effort of the imagination”

This quote was taken from The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These were the first words that my mind recalled after having read this story, mostly because they resonate a truth that I myself approve of. We watch movies and read books to immerse ourselves in that which is extraordinary and supernatural, to experience things that we could never fathom experiencing in real life. You can go wherever you want to, become whomever you want to be, and all without having to leave the comfort of your own bed. But what we fail to realize is that the plain upon which we exist can be just as extraordinary, if not more, than anything the human imagination can conjure up.

The video below, for example, is an episode taken from the YouTube series Scishow hosted by Hank Green. It is a series dedicated to exploring the world of science, and presenting the facts on a level that almost anyone can understand. This video is a part of his newest segment, “The Scishow Talk Show”, where they have an animal guest brought in to see, touch and learn about from an animal expert. This particular video springs to mind because this creature seems so strange, and so alien, that most would think of it as a manifestation of the imagination.

I pride myself on my ability to conjure up stories for others to enjoy, and I know only too well how amazing and extraordinary the human imagination is. However, I will take real world experience over that any day, because life can be even more extraordinary if we give it the chance to be.

That is all for today. Feel free to share your thoughts on this quote – whether you agree or disagree – and until next time, happy reading!