My Journalism Works


I read to live and I live to read. That's my circle of life.

I read to live and I live to read. That’s my circle of life.

One of my greatest passions in life, even greater than my love of books, is my passion to write. No matter what obstacles I may face in my life’s journey, so long as I have a pen in my hand or a keyboard at my fingertips, I can overcome it all. I have been writing stories ever since I learned how to string words together, giving life to the characters and worlds I created in my head. Now, I not only make up stories to entertain, but I tell the real stories of everyday people, in the hopes that they can influence the world for the better. Below is a selection of just some of the stories I have written up until now as I work towards my dream of becoming a journalist. Read, share, and as always, your comments are more than welcome.


The Fulcrum University of Ottawa Student Newspaper


The Changing Face of Canadian Families

Positive Power of the Meme

Meet a Gee Gee

Warning, This Product May Contain … Heart Disease?

Casting the Ballot 

Going Green, One Bread Crust at a Time

Tune In – Returning TV Series

Buckle Down and Git’s Done

Rick Ross Shouldn’t Perform

U of O Quidditch Team Heads To World Cup

Get Out Of My Group

Throwback Thursday

Out With The Old

U of O Students Raising Puppies for the Blind

Cable TV On The Go

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

I Don’t Price It, I Only Sell It

Why Is Daddy Putting Presents Under The Tree?

The Quidditch Culture

Taking Risks and Getting Out Of Her Comfort Zone

Mission Improvable Takes On Carleton

Pit Bulls: Inherently Dangerous or Loveable Companion?

Landlord Licensing Could Be Coming To Ottawa


Northumberland Today Cobourg Daily Newspaper

Show N’ Shine Celebrates a Piece of History in Roseneath

Conferences Encourage Young People To Be Spiritually Engaged

KPRDSB: Champions for Youth Mentoring Program

Safe Encounters: Volunteers To Visit Local Libraries

Learn About Bird Banding, Butterfly Tagging and at Monarchs and Migrants Weekend

Shari’s Quest is for Animal Wellness

Fundraiser: Child Was Born With Gastroschisis

North Huron Publishing Company Inc.Blyth, Huron County

The Rural Voice:

On The Table – Part 1, On The Table – Part 2, On The Table – Part 3

Farm Safety Day

Ontario Pork Congress

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