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Words of Wisdom: Sherlock Holmes

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Today, I wish to impose upon you the words of an author whose wisdom is conveyed through his minds greatest creation; Sherlock Holmes. It may be the words of a fictional character, but that does not lessen the truth of these words…


(Sir Athur Conan Doyle, 1859~1930)

“[…]for strange effects and extraordinary combinations we must go to life itself, which is always far more daring than any effort of the imagination”

This quote was taken from The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These were the first words that my mind recalled after having read this story, mostly because they resonate a truth that I myself approve of. We watch movies and read books to immerse ourselves in that which is extraordinary and supernatural, to experience things that we could never fathom experiencing in real life. You can go wherever you want to, become whomever you want to be, and all without having to leave the comfort of your own bed. But what we fail to realize is that the plain upon which we exist can be just as extraordinary, if not more, than anything the human imagination can conjure up.

The video below, for example, is an episode taken from the YouTube series Scishow hosted by Hank Green. It is a series dedicated to exploring the world of science, and presenting the facts on a level that almost anyone can understand. This video is a part of his newest segment, “The Scishow Talk Show”, where they have an animal guest brought in to see, touch and learn about from an animal expert. This particular video springs to mind because this creature seems so strange, and so alien, that most would think of it as a manifestation of the imagination.


I pride myself on my ability to conjure up stories for others to enjoy, and I know only too well how amazing and extraordinary the human imagination is. However, I will take real world experience over that any day, because life can be even more extraordinary if we give it the chance to be.

That is all for today. Feel free to share your thoughts on this quote – whether you agree or disagree – and until next time, happy reading!