Word of the Week: Agerasia

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like everything was going just a little too well? Like you were just waiting for an act of karma to put a stop to this unprecedented lucky streak? Well that’s what my day has been like. I made an apple pie for the first time by myself, which is usually a recipe for disaster whenever I’m involved. My hands were not blessed with baking skills, that’s for sure, and yet I somehow managed to make a superb dessert which not even my mother could find fault in. I didn’t break anything, I didn’t stub my toe on that chair which always seems to be right where my foot is, I didn’t burn or over cook any part of diner, and the rain is having little to no impact on the internet signal … what gives? Never before has a day gone so smoothly in my 21 years of being alive, and although I am by no means a pessimist, I have this feeling that I will be paying for this streak of good luck coming morning. I suppose I should just stopping looking this gift horse in the mouth and enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

So today, I felt like learning a new word, and the one I found is actually related to something I tend to think about a lot when I’m watching TV.


old20woman20in20mirror20is20youngDefinition: Someone trying to look younger than they actually are; youthful appearance in an old person.

When I saw this word, the first thing that came to mind was when I used to watch Smallville, the story of Superman before he became a superhero. It used to be one of my favorite series, but I could never quite get past the fact that none of those actors looked anywhere close to the age of high schooler’s. College students, maybe, but that was pushing it considering they all had to be at least in their late twenties or early thirties.

What I can’t stand more is when you see all these celebrities who have to be in their forties or fifties, and yet their faces are decorated with more paint than a car, and their clothes are several sizes too small and shows us things that are best left to the imagination. It’s okay to feel young, but there are ways to achieve the feeling of youth once again without trying to dress the part.

That’s all for today. If you have any other examples for today’s Word of the Week, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Keep on replenishing your word banks, and as always, happy reading!





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