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Reading vs. Watching: What Exactly Are We Comparing?

“It is said that a picture can say a thousand words. Well, so can a thousand words. They are the keys by which we can unlock new and amazing worlds, some of which ascend beyond the imagination, and it all begins on the first page.” – BookNerd

It is said that a picture can say a thousand words. Well, so can a thousand words. They are the keys by which we can unlock new and amazing worlds, some of which ascend beyond the imagination, and it all begins on the first page.”BookNerd

Greeting Fellow BookNerds,

I often see people get themselves all worked up with excitement when they learn that one of their all time favourite books is going to be made into a movie – myself included, of course –  and just as often, I watch as those same people who went into the theatre with such high expectations, came out looking not unlike a cartoon character with a thundering cloud hanging over their heads, as the image of the story they had in their heads didn’t come out quite the way they hoped it would on the big screen.

It’s in our nature to compare things. After all, how else can we determine what is good, what is bad, what is better, what is worse. We do it to figure out what food we would rather eat, what clothes we would prefer to wear, and my personal favourite, what books are more worth our time reading than others. Just like anything else, however, making comparisons has its ups and its downs, based primarily on the context in which they are being made.

Harry Potter Books

When I first got into reading the harry potter books back in grade school, it felt as though my brain was giving birth to my imagination for the first time. I developed a deep attachment to the series, and when I found out that they were being made into films, I just knew I had to see every single one of them. Why, you ask? Well, the only thing better than reading a book for the first time is getting to experience it all over again, but in a very different way. Unlike books, movies cater to all of the senses; synchronizing music and moods to tug on our heartstrings, playing with colours and special effects to keep our eyes glued to the screen, creating masterful scripts that tell us so much, while at the same time saying so little, and fitting actors into the roles they were seemingly born to play. Such is the beauty of films, which differs greatly from the beauty many of us find in books.

Authors struggle tirelessly to create stories using their native language, which the readers can then create images from that are unique to their own interpretation of the words. No two people will perceive a story the exact same way, which is what makes reading such a personal, internalized experience. What’s more, most books are created by a single individual, making them solely responsible for creating the characters, the dialogue, the setting… basically, everything, unlike in movies where you have hundreds of people working to bring the story to life.

Another striking dissimilarity between the reading and movie viewing experience is that books are not designed to be enjoyed in a single sitting, whereas movies are. Unless you’re a ridiculously fast reader capable of zipping through seven hundred pages in less than an hour as if it was nothing, then it’s going to take you a few days to get to the end. This is especially true for those readers out there who, like me, need time to visualize what they have just read before they can continue… perhaps that’s just me 😛

Group of boring people watching movie in cinema

Movies, on the other hand, are typically a two to three hour experience, and you can choose to enjoy them alone or with 200 other people crammed inside a dark room which smells of popcorn and is occasionally lit by a smart phone that someone just couldn’t bother to turn off for the sake of everyone who is sitting behind them. If movies were to be made any longer, the audience would get bored, feeling as though the story is being drawn out longer than necessary, not to mention the increasing soreness in our backside from sitting for such a long period of time. When you’re reading books, you can stop and start whenever you want, but with movies, we tend to want to sit down and watch it to the end before diverting our attention to anything else.

Now, we come to the unique scenario of book to movie adaptations. The thing with movies that are based on books is that they always seem to miss the mark. In other words, they fail to meet the expectations of everyone who see’s it, because as mentioned before, we all have a tendency to interpret the same book in very different ways, meaning we will all be going into the movie theatre with very different expectations. There is also the added pressure on directors and the crew to make the movie as true to the book as possible, but this isn’t always feasible, especially when dealing with a book which has managed to throw the laws of physics entirely out the window. But they do their best, and some of them have turned out rather brilliantly.

The Fault In Our Stars

My favourite book to movie adaption to date has been The Fault In Our Stars, a beautiful story about a girl with lung cancer finding love in the unlikeliest of places, and discovering that “some infinities are bigger than other infinities”. In my eyes, the movie was a brilliant interpretation of what I am certain will someday become a classic novel, but I am certain there are others out there who found it to be unbearable. Why? Well, I’m sure there are many reasons, but every time I hear someone start to rant about every little thing they changed in the movie, or how the actors they chose weren’t good enough, or how they could have done this or that to make it more believable, I just feel like telling them one thing: why are you comparing two things that weren’t meant to be compared?

The story might be the same, but the purpose and the means by which they are executed are just so different. It would be like comparing music videos to musicals. Just because they both have a music component to them, that doesn’t make them any more comparable. Now that I’ve had my say on the matter, I would love to hear what you guys think. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or on my blogs facebook page, and until next time, keep on reading!



The Fault In Our Stars: A Role Model For Modern Romance

I read to live and I live to read. That's my circle of life.

“I read to live and I live to read. That’s my circle of life.”

Greetings Fellow BookNerds!

I know the movie has been out for some time now, and it seems like rather odd timing to be giving my own review for it, but I don’t believe in putting time stamps on these sorts of things. So, without further ado, here is my review of The Fault In Our Stars, which I just so happened to have written as I watched it 🙂

I used to always mock romance movies, refusing to lay even one eye – let alone two – on them for fear that their cliche storylines and cheesy scripts would infect my brain and influence my writing in a very bad way. That is, until I found The Fault In Our Stars.

It’s more than a story of two people finding each other and falling hopelessly in love. That may be an element of it, but that does not define this story. From my perspective, it’s about overcoming what life throws at us, which can sometimes be a lot, and accepting it all as part of who we are; taking in both the pain and the pleasures. It is, as some would put it, a story about cancer which isn’t about cancer. It’s also a story about exploring our own existence within this infinity in which we have found ourselves, even if our time within that infinity is short lived.

There is so much depth and insight, and I enjoyed seeing it almost as much as I loved reading it. I found myself laughing and crying all the way through, and at one point was even tempted to go out and buy a pack of cigarrettes just so I could stick one between my teeth, my own little tribute to Augustus’ metaphor.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be so young, with an entire life of possibilities ahead of you, suddenly dwindled down to a nuber of days that can be counted on a single calender page. Where suddenly your greatest fear is whether you’ll be strong enough to fight through another day with the people you love. Cancer is merciless. It has taken people from my life whom I wanted to spend many more tomorrow’s with, replacing those days with relentless tears and distant memories… Well, life is too short to remain in a state of grief, and I’m sure they wouldn’t want me to only feel sadness whenever I thought about them, so here’s a happier train of thought.

Although he may never know of this blogs existence, and will likely never even know my name, I would just like to say that John Green has influenced my life in ways that go beyond what words can say. If I were to put it into words, though, let’s just say that his books managed to take a shy, socially awkward, self-conscious, anxiety-ridden, country girl, and bring her into a world that she used to only day dream about; a world with friends, love, laughter, and where the seemingly impossible becomes a little more possible with each passing day. I’ve even gotten to the point where I can look back on some of the worst moments from my personal timeline and smile, because as much pain as they brought me, they suddenly don’t seem so bad. After all, they were moments which brought me to this very moment, and even if I were given the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a damn thing, because then I wouldn’t have today. Thank you John Green for unknowingly helping me to live my life, as opposed to watching with jealousy and envy as others lived theirs.

I wrote this review while I was watching the movie, which I had never felt compeled to do before. It’s amazing how so many coherent thoughts can suddenly come flooding out through your finger tips when your heart and mind are swimming in a turbulent sea of emotions. Now, I say coherent, but for all know this is only making sense in my head. Nevertheless, I think I’ve managed to convey just how much I was touched by this film.

This is what a love story should be, and all I can think of to say to finish off is that I’m looking forward to seeing more of John Green’s books being brought into a new life like this one was, and that there will also be many more books that me and my fellow BookNerds can continue reading throughout our infinity.

Happy Reading Everyone!



I’m Back… Well, Sort Of

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Its been one of those weeks where everyday, I think about posting something on my blog, but then by the time I get back home from work, I’m either too exhausted or have too many errands to run to even think about sitting down with my computer for more than a few minutes. Still, my typing fingers are kept busy, which makes me happy no matter how busy and stressful things get. I managed to get an internship with a newspaper for the Summer, which up until April I was starting to feel was a fruitless endeavor. They’re not kidding when they say it’s hard to get a job nowadays when you get out of university. Even though I got this job, I still have to worry about finding somewhere to work once Summer is over. It’s a never ending cycle. 

On a less anxiety ridden note, there is less than a month until the release of The Fault in Our Stars movie! I am both nervous and excited; nervous because I have no idea if it will live up to the expectations I have for it after having read the book, and excited because… well just because! I’ve only been reading John Green’s books for the past few years, but I’ve been in love with his writing ever since I finished reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson. His master of the English language combined with his innate nerdiness produces literature that is fresh and interesting, something that I feel has never really been done before. He is one of a kind, and I hope he continues to write books for a very long time. If you have never even heard of the TFIOS movie, then I implore you to take a moment and visit the official movie website: www.thefaultinourstarsmovie.com. You can also watch the movie trailer below:


I haven’t had a chance to do much reading these days, not since the first book of the Mistborn trilogy which I still haven’t reached the very end of yet. I’m hoping that the weather this weekend will have bring less rain and more sun so I can take it down to the beach and read to my hearts content. The one thing I love bout this job is that you work from 9 to 5 for five days a week, and then the weekends are yours to enjoy as you wish. I’m sure there will be a time or two when I have to bring work home with me, but as an intern, I’m doubtful that that will happen too often. I’m hopeful that by the end of this summer, I will have finished reading the first book, and gotten through the second installment, which I am really looking forward to.

In closing, I apologize for my blogging silence, and I do hope I will be able to remain more on top of things in the future. If you have any books you would like to recommend, or any suggestions about what you would like to see appear on my blog, feel free to write a blurb in the comments, and as always, happy reading!



The Fault In Our Stars Movie Trailer

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

I never truly appreciate the arrival of spring reading week until I have spent the week prior doing nothing except studying for midterms, struggling to complete last minute assignments, and then finally writing those midterms right before my brain has turned to mush. It is a much needed reprieve from the stressful academic environment, and hopefully one day it will become incorporated into every University.

Since my return home, I have finally had the chance to view all of the trailers for upcoming movies and television series, of which there are many. There was really only one I was looking for, and given the title of this post, it shouldn’t be too difficult to guess which one it is. It was in 2012 that the book was published, and now, a mere 2 years later, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green is coming ever closer to the big screen. The movie is set to appear in theaters on June 6th of this year, and although that may feel like a lifetime away, that just means more time to give the book a few more reads through. If that’s not enough to tide you over, then you can follow John Green and his brother Hank on their Vlogbrothers channel in the hopes that they reveal a little bit more of what we can expect in June. John also has several videos that will take you behind the scenes of the TFIOS movie, providing a glimpse of what actually goes into making a movie.

In the meantime, and if you haven’t seen it already, here is the official TFIOS movie trailer, which was released back in January, but it’s the closest thing to seeing the movie at this point so it won’t hurt to watch it a few more times 🙂


Shailene Woodley (Hazel) and Ansel Elgort (Augustus) are the stars of this heart warming love story that will tug at your heart strings from beginning to end. This movie really will be one of a kind, and if you haven’t read the book yet, then you are missing out on an amazing experience that will never come around again.

Adapting books into movies is like a coin toss; you either succeed or you fail, with very little wiggle room in between. Still, when done right, they can be some of the most amazing films you have ever seen. What books would you like to see turned into movies? If you have any in mind, I’d like to know. Leave the names of those books in the comments, and if there are some book-to-movie adaptations that already exist that you feel very strongly about – positive or negative – you can throw in a comment about that as well. By my next post, I’m hoping to have finished the first book in the Mistborn series, and will be able to provide a first hand review for all of you wonderful BookNerds. Until then, happy reading!



TFIOS: Coming To A Theater Near You… In 2014

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds

Time sure passes by startlingly quickly when all you do is read textbooks, write essays, study for tests and try and squeeze a bit of social time in between it all… and by social time I of course mean catching up on episodes of Supernatural and Agents of Shield so I can have Facebook conversations with my friends without having to fear those dastardly spoilers. But alas, it was all worth it, for now I have an entire week I can spend at home relaxing with my family, catching up on sleep, and…. okay, I’m a bad liar. The reality is that I’ll be buried neck deep in textbooks, papers and pen ink as I struggle to catch up on those readings I so nonchalantly pushed aside throughout the semester, and studying for the tests I get to look forward to when I get back. As hard as I try to convince my friends that I enjoy school, I won’t deny that there are certain aspects of the post secondary education process that I could do without… but that’s enough rambling on my part.

For all of you John Green and TFIOS fans, here is a recent update on the impending movie release of The Fault in Our Stars. According to a recent article published in Entertainment Weekly, the movie is set to hit theaters on June 6th, 2014. They have completed their filming in Pittsburgh, and judging by the recent Vlogbrother video updates, John Green could not be any more excited. Below is a recent Vlogbrothers video where John Green participates in a Q & A session with actors Ansel Elgort and Mike Birbiglia.


The cast has grown to include quite a number of talented faces, some of which have appeared on the big screen before.


  Shailene Woodley ———– Hazel Grace (protagonist)

  Ansel Elgort ——————- Augustus Waters

  Willem Dafoe —————– Peter Van Houten

  Nat Wolff ———————- Isaac

  Laura Dern ——————- Mrs. Lancaster

  Sam Trammell ————– Mr. Lancaster

  Mike Birbiglia ————— Patrick

  Emily Peachey ————- Monica

  Milica Govich ————— Mrs. Waters


It’s still hard to believe sometimes that this book, written by a man who a couple years ago I had never even heard of, is going to come to life on the big screen in less than a year! It just goes to show that if there is something that you feel passionate about, then you should just go ahead and do it, because you never know where that passion might take you.

That’s all for today. I’ll try and be a little more active in the blogsphere during my reading week, although given my workload I can’t go making any guarantees. This does not prevent all of you lovely followers from posting any comments, questions or concerns you may have, or taking advantage of my “Book Recommendations from You” page by offering up some of your favourite reads.



Lights, Camera, Action! TFIOS Movie in the Making

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

The day continues to draw ever nearer when Nerdifghters and book lovers alike will be able to gather together around the world and witness the characters of their favorite book come to life right before their eyes. The author himself expressed doubts from time to time, perhaps fearful of getting his hopes up just to watch them come crashing down. With a full cast and crew at his disposal, and a brilliant director who understands even the most intricate of details John Green wished to convey, I imagine that doubt has long since faded into nothingness, only to be replaced by feelings of sheer joy and excitement. 


The video below is among the most recent posts from the Vlogbrothers channel that provides people with the unique opportunity to glimpse the set of The Fault in Our Stars, and what it was like for John Green to set foot on that movie set himself and watch his own work come to life.

As one who also aspires to publish a book one day, I can only begin to imagine the abundance of overflowing emotions he must be experiencing. His book was a huge success by itself, and I can predict with fairly strong certainty that the movie will not disappoint his fan readers in the least.

I am nearly finished reading yet another novel from my never ending book shelf, the review of which I shall post in the very near future. Until then, I shall continue to provide updates on the TFIOS movie, and any other book related news I happen to come across. In the meantime, I welcome any comments, questions, or concerns you may have, and until next time, happy reading!



The Fault in Our Stars: Casting Update

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

I have just returned from a lengthy trip to the northern regions of Ontario, where I unfortunately had limited to no access to the internet, preventing me from posting in quite some time. Never fear, though, for I have some rather interesting news to share which will hopefully make up for my absence.


Just as I was proceeding to write this post, I came across an article in USA Today about Shailene Woodley, who has been cast in the role of Hazel Grace for the upcoming TFIOS movie adaptation. In preparation for her upcoming role as a cancer patient, Shailene has decided that she will not only cut her hair, but she will also donate it to the organization ‘Children With Hair Loss’. This organization makes wigs for young cancer patients who have lost their hair due to the treatments. To read the entire article, follow this link

Many are anxiously awaiting more details of the TFIOS movie to be revealed, as the day where it finally appears on the big screen draws ever nearer. A most recent interview between TFIOS author John Green and Stephan Lee of Entertainment Weekly provides a glimpse into how he’s dealing with both his own growing fame, and that of his latest book.


“I’m still really hesitant to believe that it’s really going to happen, even though at this point it’s definitely going to happen.” – John Green


Well, as they continue to cast actors and actresses into the roles of his fictitious, yet surprisingly complex and realistic characters, the doubt he continues to experience will hopefully start to dissipate so he can feel as excited as the rest of us. The first two characters to have their shoes filled were main protagonists Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, two cancer patients who experience the highs and lows of life together through their blooming love. They will be played by actress Shailene Woodley and actor Ansel Elgort, who are currently in the spotlight of the upcoming Divergent movie, where they will be playing the role of brother and sister.

More recently, it was revealed that Hazel’s mother will be played by actress Laura Dern, and Isaac will be played by actor Nat Wolff. The cast is coming together, but there are still a number of shoes to fill.  Examiner.com recently released a report indicating that Josh Boone, director for the TFIOS movie, has sent out a casting call for young teens and adults who have been affects by cancer and would be interested in taking on the role of background performers in the movie. Such opportunities don’t come along everyday, and it just emphasizes the kind of impact this movie is going to have on those who have been, or one day will be, affected by cancer.

Lastly, it was decided that Sam Trammell from ‘True Blood’ will take on the role of Hazel’s father. He does not play a prominent role in the story, but his presence is still necessary to bring the entire story together. 

There are only a couple more weeks before they begin the movies’ production, the first filming location said to be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As always, I will keep you posted on new developments. In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of your bountiful bookshelf for the remainder of the summer, and as always, happy reading!