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Words of Wisdom: Ray Harryhausen

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Yesterday marked the passing of yet another brilliant mind, whose vision was not limited by the tools and technology available in his time. Ray Harryhausen was first inspired to try his hand at stop-motion animation after seeing the original King Kong. He was captivated by its surrealism, and that captivation eventually lead him to bring creatures to life on screen such as Medusa from Clash of the Titans, and the army of skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts.

Today’s wisdom comes from one of the last words spoken by this man, who took a simple story and made it extraordinary. Hopefully is work and his wisdom will live on through the ages, for he is a pioneer in animation, and we would not have some of today’s greatest films without people who possessed his vision and his passion.

ray harryhausen-medusa

(Ray Harryhausen, 1920 – 2013)

I’m very happy that so many young fans have told me that my films have changed their lives. That’s a great compliment. It means I did more than just make entertaining films. I actually touched people’s lives — and, I hope, changed them for the better.”

I find that this should be the goal of every film; entertainment only lasts but a fleeting moment, but touching someone’s life and inspiring them to achieve greater things can last a lifetime. Harryhausen will be missed, but hopefully his wisdom will live on through the ages, even after we learn how to construct holograms and virtual realities.

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