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Macbeth Inspired Poem

This was written during our high school study of the play Macbeth, and is basically a poetic description of the battle that occurred at the end of the play between Macbeth and Macduff, where Macbeth finally met his inescapable fate. It is rather violent, so just like my horror short story, if you cannot stomach violence and gore, do not read! Otherwise, enjoy at your leisure 🙂


God of War

By Emily Manns

Blood curdling, muscles burning,

Teeth jarring, strength waning.

Horses screaming, metal sparking.

Warriors falling, children bawling. . .

War is a blood parade.


The sky does frown upon the ground with blackened clouds.

Acid tears soaked into the trampled crimson mud.

The flesh of man becoming one with that upon which they lived.

Such an appropriate end to an inappropriate beginning.

For men’s creation of violence hath doomed civilization.


Women screaming, baby’s crying,

Houses burning, flames flying.

Lightning flashing, thunder rolling,

But all to what end?


When this battle is fought and won,

Will the pain and suffering truly be done?

Shall man’s thirst for blood ever be quenched?

The power of rage and pride feed the dark beast within,

A creature we all possess, but that no one can see.

Violence brings out the worst in all of us. . .


Wind howling, stomach lurching,

Lungs cramping, wounds swelling.

Heart pounding, lips cracking,

Veins pulsing, bones breaking.

Fear overcomes all hope. . .


Macbeth wanted what his destiny denied,

It was his yearning to survive and earn enough to feed his greed.

Swords are his words, blood is his strength. . .

Death to all that defy the King of Scotland!