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My First Trip to Comiccon …

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Before regaling you all with the tales and images of my first experience at Ottawa Comiccon, here are some other news headliners that came up over the weekend:

Toronto-Maple-Leafs-vs-Boston-Bruins Last night was a crucial game for the Leafs, for their continuation was dependent upon their victory against Boston. Fortunately, the pressure improved instead of impeding their game play, and they managed to snatch a 2-1 win. Tonight at 7pm, we will get the chance to watch them face off against the Bruins yet again, only this time it will be on Boston’s home turf. We might just get to see them climb out of the rut they’ve been stuck in, and witness the hoisting of the cup by their hands instead of the other team.

Boston-Red-Sox-vs-Toronto-Blue-Jays After all the money they put into the team, the Toronto Blue Jays have finally shown that the money was not going to waste. They creamed the Boston Red Sox 12-4, and it doesn’t look like the winning will stop there. Tuesday, with the return of suspended player Melky Cabrera to the team, will be facing off against the Giants.

helicoptercrashHonolulu295 A helicopter suddenly lost power and crashed into a busy street in Honolulu last Wednesday, thankfully resulting in no fatalities, although a certain parked car might say otherwise. It was a small helicopter which was being used to take photographs. If it had been a full sized one, then this may have turned into a very different story …

abc_jodi_arias_trial_thg_130206_wg Just a few days ago, Jodi Arias was convicted of having committed pre-meditated first-degree murder, but people are still waiting with baited breath to hear whether she will be exposed to the death penalty, or a slightly more lenient sentence of life imprisonment. 

tamerlan-tsarnaev-grave-1 One of the suspects of the Boston Bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was buried last week in central Virginia, much to the displeasure of people living near the burial site. Most of them are upset because no one consulted them before the burial took place, while others fear who might be stopping by to pay their respects. His brother, Dzhokhar, is in police custody, charged with the use of a ‘weapon of mass destruction’.

This is just some of what was headlining the news over the weekend, but the biggest story for me right now is what took place in Ottawa during that weekend…

My First Trip to Comiccon…

I traveled up to Ottawa by train Friday afternoon, along with my sister, our bags hoisted over our shoulders and Comiccon tickets packed away safely inside them. After four hours of rain spattered windows and crying babies, we entered the capital of Canada and hailed down the first taxi in sight to take us the rest of the way to our hotel. Our lodgings were quite lovely, and the beds were so comfortable that after half a day of traveling, we dropped off to sleep almost immediately.

We rose bright and early Saturday morning, knowing full well that the lineup was going to be ridiculous: and we were right. We got there just before 10am, which was a mistake since we had general admission passes, and therefore wouldn’t be let in until 11am. Only the VIP’s were being let in early, which meant an hour of waiting under the tents with a thousand other people for us. Fortunately, we got to catch a glimpse of the amazing costumes we would get to see once we were actually inside.

DSC02045  DSC02093

Tired, slightly damp and legs aching from standing for over an hour, as soon as we passed through the front doors it all went away and I couldn’t stop smiling. I had been waiting for this all semester, and now that the day had finally come, I could hardly believe I was there! I only had a moment to bask in the excitement before I was swept away by the horde of people behind me. As we walked through the exhibit doors, I made sure I had my camera at the ready; I did not want to miss a moment of this.

The highlight of this trip came to me after standing in yet another line, but the wait was well worth it when I found myself in the same room as Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite. Unfortunately, I was unable to take any photos, seeing as cameras were strictly forbidden during this panel, but trust me when I say it was among the top ten greatest moments of my life. I had come to convince myself that celebrities only existed on television or in photographs, and that I would never be able to witness their existence with my own two eyes. That changed yesterday. Granted, it was from the back of a very large room, but I could see and hear them, and that was good enough for me.

After that, we spent the rest of the day weaving our way through Creepers and Bounty Hunters, only stopping long enough to refuel ourselves at Tim Horton’s before continuing on. At 4pm, we found ourselves in yet another line up, only this time we had the sense to be one of the first ones there so we didn’t have to worry about squinting just to see. To my great pleasure, cameras were indeed allowed this time, and I got some pretty good footage of non other than Nicholas Brendon from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Criminal Minds.

DSC02109 DSC02101

He definitely had his wit about him as he took to the stage and had the crowd laughing and cheering from start to finish. It was actually the end of his Q & A session which made me smile the most, and the video below should give you a pretty good idea as to why:


After taking a few more pictures, we finally decided to call it a day. I would have loved nothing more than to spend the entire weekend at Comiccon, but all good things must come to an end. Still, my final thoughts on this event is that it was well worth the money, planning and waiting, and I look forward to going again next year.

That’s all for today. If you would like to see more photos, you can visit “The World In Writing” facebook page, or if you want to see the more professionally taken photographs, visit the Ottawa Comiccon facebook page instead. I would also love to hear about your experience at this years Comiccon: was it everything you were expecting? Better? Not worth all the hype?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, and until next time, happy reading!





Book-To-Movie Adaptations: Ender’s Game

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I just wanted to address a couple of things that are on my mind at the moment:

xjodi-arias-guilty.jpg.pagespeed.ic.dZ3iZ3VwHp According to ABC News, Jodi Arias has been found guilty of first degree murder, and today the court will determine whether to sentence her to life imprisonment or go straight to the death penalty. It has been a long four months, and Arias has to wait yet again to find out her ultimate fate …

comicon2013 On another, slightly more cheery note, tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for: COMICCON! I hope you all have your tickets and costumes at the ready, because they have one heck of a lineup this year, both literally and guest-wise. There are still a limited number of regular passes for Friday and Sunday available, in case you have been undecided up to this point about whether you wanted to go or not.

Now, on to the main event!

November 1st, 2013 marks the upcoming release date of the cinematic portrayal of the 1985 novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.


This science fiction novel, like most others of this genre, is set in Earth’s distant future in the midst of a struggle against an alien race bent on human kind’s demise. In order to keep the enemy hostiles at bay, the government has taken it upon themselves to start up special training program in order to breed the perfect soldiers: child geniuses. In order to lead those soldiers, they also must locate a child suitable to be their general, the qualities of which may be found in the young and fearless Andrew Ender Wiggin.

Starring in this movie is non other than big time actor Harrison Ford, who has the task of training the new recruits in the hopes that they will be able to put an end to a war which has been going on for over a hundred years…

Like all book-to-movie adaptations, pre-reviews of this movie have been a mix of excitement and dread, for who knows if the movie will be able to live up to their expectations. I myself have not yet read the novel, although it is on my to-read list, but at least I will not be plagued with preconceived bias which comes from judging films based on our knowledge of the book. Let me know what yours thoughts are on the upcoming Ender’s Game movie in the comments, and by selecting one of the responses in the poll below. I look forward to hearing from you all, and the next time you’ll be hearing from me is tomorrow on my way to Comiccon! So until then, happy reading!



What’s In The News: The Ongoing Trial of Jodi Arias

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what the news would look like if the world was void of any cruelty. Would there even be any need for journalists if no one was committing adultery, murder, fraud, or simply being hypocritical? Would people find the same level of interest in hearing about the successes of humanity as opposed to its flaws? There would definitely be fewer celebrity tabloids on the shelves.

One of the big headliners this year is definitely of the latter variety. You can’t change a channel today without hearing the name ‘Jodi Arias‘ uttered at least once, usually followed by the words ‘murder trial’ or ‘ongoing investigation’.

abc_jodi_arias_trial_thg_130206_wg Ms. Arias was accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, age 30, by shooting him in the head and then stabbing him repeatedly. That is what the evidence reveals, at any rate. It was a highly gruesome affair, and it has caught the attention of more than just the American public; internet news feeds and TV broadcasts have made this seemingly simple case of domestic violence into an international attraction.

It would seem that all leads point to one obvious scenario; Arias and Alexander hit a bump in their relationship, causing something to the surface which forced Arias’ hand. Seeing as the trial is still going, it’s a little more complicated than that, and it doesn’t help that Arias’ account of the events and the facts of the case don’t exactly coincide at every juncture. There were several times during her testimony that she claimed to have little to no recollection of what she had done, as well as claiming through a face full of tears that she had nothing to do with his death. Now the trial is coming to an end, and we will soon be presented with the verdict of her fate. From what I could gather from a recent news coverage on ABC News, the outlook for Ms. Arias is not looking too good. In other words, the death penalty is not entirely out of the equation:


Murder cases like this always seem to cut and dry on television, where all you need is that one piece of crucial evidence to sway the jury to the correct verdict. Four months of cross examinations and deliberations, 18 days of which featured Jodi herself sitting at the stand. At this point, it’s not so much a matter of whether she’s guilty or not, but whether her actions were per-meditated or done in self-defense, or to what degree of murder she is guilty of. Either way, her punishment will not be light.

Murder is wrong. It goes against our very nature. There is a reason why we can feel our gut twisting whenever we do something which hurts someone else as a result; because we subconsciously recognize how wrong it is. This is why the majority of the soldiers who come back from the war suffer from some sort of PTSD, or people who commit a crime deny having done it initially. No one wants to think they are capable of performing terrible acts that you would normally read about in a fiction, or watch on CSI. My final thoughts for today is this; the news shows the human potential to do monstrous things, but that should not be our only insight into human nature. Humans are capable of achieving great things, even if they don’t always show our good side in the news.

That’s all for today. If you have any thoughts on the trial – which way you think it’s going to go, whether you believe she deserves the death penalty, or whether you find her to be innocent or not – I encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments. I’ll keep you posted on the results of the trial, so until next time, happy reading!