Drawn Forth Publishing – An Inside Look

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

I hope everyone has been able to brave the cold weather we’ve been seeing this past month. I know I can’t even walk to class without losing most of the feeling in my toes. If you ask me, this kind of weather is only ideal for curling up in bed with a hot cup of your favorite beverage – in my case, lemon & ginger tea or hot chocolate – and a good book open in your lap 🙂

This week, I had the greatest pleasure of being able to interview Mr. Don Lucas, one of the founders of the up-and-coming publishing company, Drawn Forth Publishing, which I mentioned briefly in my last post (link). I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like starting ones own business, although after talking with Mr. Lucas, it’s definitely something I might want to consider doing one day.

Drawn Forth Publishing – An Inside Look

Q & A with Don Lucas

BookNerd: What Inspired you to begin this business in the first place?

Don: Well it kind of started in two different places. For me, I was looking to eventually find meaningful yet financially gainful employment. Since I wasn’t finding a lot of options out there for jobs for when my year of service ends I became more interested in starting my own business. For Emma, she had written a number of children’s stories over the years while working with children’s classes in Toronto and was now looking for ways to share them with the world. Ultimately we ended up talking and then put 2 and 2 together and after some reflection and prayer we knew that we had to start a publishing company because we also knew a lot of people who are in the same positions.Yeah, looking back we really feel like we were both like…being prepared individually so that we could come together for this because everything just aligned so well when we did.

BookNerd: What have you accomplished thus far, since starting your company?

Don: Well… we learned how to start and run a company! To begin with anyway. I think for us, just breaking out of the mould and starting something new gave us such a feeling of accomplishment. Right now we’re working with 5 authors whose books will make up our launch line-up! We’ll be announcing those names and titles publicly on February 1st. We’ve also raised 1000$ through donations on our website. Our most important long term accomplishment though, is probably developing our ability to consult and communicate effectively as an organization- something that if we aren’t able to develop than we might as well not start something new, we might as well just work with the systems that are already established. Consultation is so important for the progress of society. It has honestly happened so much faster than we had expected… it’s not overwhelming yet, but Emma works full time and I’m on my year of service. The confirmations just keep showing themselves though.

BookNerd: It’s just the two of you running things?

Don: Yeah. We’ve sub-contracted out some work to some wonderfully talented individuals who, thus far, have volunteered their time. Web Design and Graphic design and we are so grateful. But yeah, for the most part, Emma and I do everything.

BookNerd: What kind of tasks are involved in running a publishing company?

Don: Well initially it was mostly developing our business model and vision. Consulting about our logo design, our web design. Now that we have all of that setup and regular donations coming in, it’s become more about our authors. So we had an initial round of submissions that we looked at, and once we had our line-up of authors and books, its been steady communication with them; sorting our things like the publication details(copyright, titles, artwork, etc), doing rounds of editing which…is no quick task. I spend a lot of time reading and researching…things like formatting, printing and binding techniques, marketing strategies, book design, etc. And then beyond that networking, and just reading all kinds of books whether we like them or not because it helps us understand and see patterns and just really live literature.

BookNerd: What books does your company specialize in, and do they have to meet any specific criteria?

Don: Genre-wise we’re not looking for anything specific. We look at three main things when we review a submission. 1) Does this books recognize the inherent nobility of humanity 2) Does it recognize and respond to our inherent attraction to beauty and 3) Does it demonstrate and contribute to the ever-advancement of society. It also helps if it’s well-written. Right now, we have 4 children’s books and 2 novels that we’re working on.

If you would like to learn more about Drawn Forth Publishing, or would like to make a donation to help them reach their goals, you can visit their website at www.drawnforth.org, or you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. Until next time, happy reading!




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