Making a Movie for Everyone: Is It Possible?

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Today’s post is going to be a little different, mostly because I will be making a rather odd request. As most of you are aware, I am currently enrolled in the communications program at the University of Ottawa, studying in the hopes of one day becoming an accomplished journalist. In the meantime, however, I’m simply trying to get through all of my courses more or less unscathed, and to do that I am going to require a little bit of assistance.

One of the courses I am taking is called Audience Research, which is exactly what it sounds like. Myself, along with a group of my classmates, have been given the task of constructing a movie that will please all audience demographics, a seemingly impossible task but one which we are determined to accomplish. In order to do this, we have put together a 10 question survey which touches on all aspects of a film, the data from which will allow us to determine what the majority of the audience looks for in a movie, and apply that to our research. This is where all of you lovely booknerds come in. Below, I will provide a link to the survey, and all you have to do is take no more than 10 minutes out of your reading time to go through it and answer the questions as best you can.

Here is the link so you can get started:


As much as I would love to provide an award or some other kind of incentive, all I can give you guys is my eternal gratitude in assisting me with what will hopefully be an A+ report. Hopefully the joy which comes with committing a good deed will be enough to satisfy all of you as well. As I said, it won’t take you very long to fill it out, and I will be indebted to you all. Should you like to make any requests regarding potential blog topics, or need assistance with assignments of a similar nature, just leave a note in the comments and I will do my best to oblige.

Also, in the spirit of Halloween, I will be posting tomorrow as well. I will be sharing a snippet of a horror story I had begun to write many years ago, which I found to be so terrifying that I could not continue writing it. It’s probably not as scary as I remember it, but I would love to share it anyway, along with a quick history lesson on why it is throngs of children and adults alike will be disguising themselves as zombies, vampires and sexy nurses tomorrow night. Until then, happy reading!



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