Lights, Camera, Action! TFIOS Movie in the Making

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

The day continues to draw ever nearer when Nerdifghters and book lovers alike will be able to gather together around the world and witness the characters of their favorite book come to life right before their eyes. The author himself expressed doubts from time to time, perhaps fearful of getting his hopes up just to watch them come crashing down. With a full cast and crew at his disposal, and a brilliant director who understands even the most intricate of details John Green wished to convey, I imagine that doubt has long since faded into nothingness, only to be replaced by feelings of sheer joy and excitement. 


The video below is among the most recent posts from the Vlogbrothers channel that provides people with the unique opportunity to glimpse the set of The Fault in Our Stars, and what it was like for John Green to set foot on that movie set himself and watch his own work come to life.

As one who also aspires to publish a book one day, I can only begin to imagine the abundance of overflowing emotions he must be experiencing. His book was a huge success by itself, and I can predict with fairly strong certainty that the movie will not disappoint his fan readers in the least.

I am nearly finished reading yet another novel from my never ending book shelf, the review of which I shall post in the very near future. Until then, I shall continue to provide updates on the TFIOS movie, and any other book related news I happen to come across. In the meantime, I welcome any comments, questions, or concerns you may have, and until next time, happy reading!




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