The Fault in Our Stars: Casting Update

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

I have just returned from a lengthy trip to the northern regions of Ontario, where I unfortunately had limited to no access to the internet, preventing me from posting in quite some time. Never fear, though, for I have some rather interesting news to share which will hopefully make up for my absence.


Just as I was proceeding to write this post, I came across an article in USA Today about Shailene Woodley, who has been cast in the role of Hazel Grace for the upcoming TFIOS movie adaptation. In preparation for her upcoming role as a cancer patient, Shailene has decided that she will not only cut her hair, but she will also donate it to the organization ‘Children With Hair Loss’. This organization makes wigs for young cancer patients who have lost their hair due to the treatments. To read the entire article, follow this link

Many are anxiously awaiting more details of the TFIOS movie to be revealed, as the day where it finally appears on the big screen draws ever nearer. A most recent interview between TFIOS author John Green and Stephan Lee of Entertainment Weekly provides a glimpse into how he’s dealing with both his own growing fame, and that of his latest book.


“I’m still really hesitant to believe that it’s really going to happen, even though at this point it’s definitely going to happen.” – John Green


Well, as they continue to cast actors and actresses into the roles of his fictitious, yet surprisingly complex and realistic characters, the doubt he continues to experience will hopefully start to dissipate so he can feel as excited as the rest of us. The first two characters to have their shoes filled were main protagonists Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, two cancer patients who experience the highs and lows of life together through their blooming love. They will be played by actress Shailene Woodley and actor Ansel Elgort, who are currently in the spotlight of the upcoming Divergent movie, where they will be playing the role of brother and sister.

More recently, it was revealed that Hazel’s mother will be played by actress Laura Dern, and Isaac will be played by actor Nat Wolff. The cast is coming together, but there are still a number of shoes to fill. recently released a report indicating that Josh Boone, director for the TFIOS movie, has sent out a casting call for young teens and adults who have been affects by cancer and would be interested in taking on the role of background performers in the movie. Such opportunities don’t come along everyday, and it just emphasizes the kind of impact this movie is going to have on those who have been, or one day will be, affected by cancer.

Lastly, it was decided that Sam Trammell from ‘True Blood’ will take on the role of Hazel’s father. He does not play a prominent role in the story, but his presence is still necessary to bring the entire story together. 

There are only a couple more weeks before they begin the movies’ production, the first filming location said to be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As always, I will keep you posted on new developments. In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of your bountiful bookshelf for the remainder of the summer, and as always, happy reading!





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