What’s In The News: Justin Trudeau The Next Obama?

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

I nearly split my sides laughing every time I see one of those political attack ads on TV; it just reinforces my impression that politicians possess the maturity of children. If you want to make it clear that the other side is incompetent or not appropriate for the job, then why not just improve your own position to make them look inferior in comparison? Besides, everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet if you dig deep enough, but as long as it doesn’t interfere with their decision making, then I don’t see why they need to make a public display of it.

This is one of the most recent Conservative attack ads, and I dare you not to laugh your ass off when you watch it:

Can you say desperation? Because you would have to be pretty desperate to stoop to these levels just to get people to side with you. I mean I get it already; Justin is young, has a famous father, and has some less than professional moments in his past. Doesn’t everyone? As much as a stick in the mud Stephen Harper may seem, I’m sure his youth would reveal some wild moments he’d probably do anything to take back now. And not every politician has to be past their prime when they start off; I’ve said this before, but sometimes it is the youth who possess the greatest wisdom. Of course it’s a different story if Justin’s charisma turns out to be only for show, but things have only just gotten started. As for having a father who can give him a leg up, what’s wrong with that? It doesn’t make him any less qualified. It just means that he was able to observe the layout of the political field and understand how to work all of the different positions. 

In a recent article from the Vancouver Sun, the Liberal Party has apparently come up with their own tactics to counter the negative bombardments of the Conservatives, and I’m not talking about any “I know you are, but what am I” responses. No, it seems like they might actually be taking the higher road, and their new slogan to promote it may look oddly familiar.


“Hope and Hard Work. Be Part of the Change.”

Where have I heard that before … oh yeah, I think Obama said something along those lines, didn’t he? Yes sir, Trudeau seems to be trying to follow in his footsteps, which might not be such a bad idea. In recent years, Canadians have been much more in tune with what’s been going in in US politics than their own, unless of course they have a bone to pick with Harper. By adopting Obama’s positive message, Trudeau might just be able to put the flare back in the Liberal Party, but let’s just wait and see how long it lasts. If the Conservatives don’t back off, the Liberals can’t just keep shrugging it off with a big smile; not that I condone dirty politics, but I also can’t tolerate people doing nothing while they take the punches. Trudeau needs to show them that although he won’t stoop to their underhanded means of gaining favor, he will out show them by becoming the best damn politician they’ve ever competed against.

That’s all for today. As always, I encourage you to leave your opinions in the comments, and until next time, happy reading!




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