John Green: Excited & Nervous About TFIOS Movie

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

If you thought I was obsessing over the possibility of The Fault in Our Stars becoming a movie, you should see how the author himself is handling things! John Green has not yet given out any definitive answers regarding the production or release dates, but it is seeming more and more likely that this movie will, indeed, become a reality, much to the delight I’m sure of Nerdfighters and literary aficionados alike.

His latest Vlogbrothers video goes over what is known about the movie so far, as well as the goose vs. groundhog battle which seems to be going on in his yard:

If you have not yet read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, I recommend you pin it to the top of your list. Here are some of the reviews it has received since its release, which can also be found on his website:

  • “Green’s best and most ambitious novel to date. In its every aspect, The Fault in Our Stars is a triumph.” –Booklist, starred review
  • “A blend of melancholy, sweet, philosophical, and funny. Green shows us true love…and it is far more romantic than any sunset on the beach.” –New York Times Book Review
  • “Green writes books for young adults, but his voice is so compulsively readable that it defies categorization. The Fault in Our Stars proves that the hype surrounding Green is not overblown.” -NPR
  • “John Green deftly mixes the profound and the quotidian in this tough, touching valentine to the human spirit.” –Washington Post

As promised, I shall continue to keep you all updated about the progress of this film, but only until it finally comes out in theaters (fingers crossed). That’s all for today, and as always, happy reading!




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