Sherlock Holmes: The Immortal Detective

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

You know a story is exceptional when the characters continue to resurface over and over again, in new settings while the core of that character remains unchanged yet refreshing.

Sherlock Holmes, the brilliant British detective who succeeds where the police fail, and yet for all his brilliance is unable to grasp the human concept of ‘friendship’, is the kind of character whom I can see living on forever. After all, the first ever tale of Sherlock, A Study in Scarlet, was written all the way back in 1886 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Since then, Sherlock has appeared in various literary series, some of which provided an account of his life before he became a famous detective, as well as several television series and two of the most acclaimed films to hit theaters during the past decade.

As always, there is a reason behind my sudden excessive praising of this icon figure, and that is an announcement I stumbled upon on Facebook which declared the official commencement of the third series of BBC’s Sherlock being filmed!

b018ttws After such a long break, it will be great to see the crime solving duo back in action. In the meantime, I am able to keep myself adequately entertained with the other modernized version of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary, which possesses its own uniqueness with the swapping of Watson for a woman. It definitely adds a unique twist to the story. Still, it can’t replace the series I fell in love with since A Study In Pink, so you can imagine how excited I am knowing that the series will be coming back sooner as opposed to later.

sherlock-falling As you may or may not remember, the series ended off with Sherlock Holmes having jumped to his death, in order to prevent Watson and two of his other close friends (well, as close to friends as Sherlock can have) from being killed by the assassins Moriarty had sent after them. In the very final scene, however, as Watson and Mrs. Hudson finished paying their respects to his tomb stone, Sherlock could be seen watching them in the distance, reassuring the audience that the show would indeed be coming back.

tumblr_m9u2qdppsW1rqo3at I will be sure to let you all know when the third series will premiere, but for now all we can do is continue to speculate on how he managed to survive, and what the reunion between Sherlock and Watson will be like.

That’s all for today. Until next time, do not overlook any possibilities, and as always, happy reading!



5 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes: The Immortal Detective

  1. The stories are brilliant, absolutely no wonder people keep coming back to them 🙂

    The new series is set for a winter start!

    • I agree. They captured the characters well, and the dialogue is nothing short of brilliant 🙂


  2. Cannot wait for the BBC to finish filming and get Sherlock back on our screens! Eager to find out how Sherlock faked his death…;)

    • Me too! I’ve tried watching Elementary, but it’s just not the same without Cumberbatch 😦 Fortunately, I have an entire book of sherlock stories to read to keep me occupied until then ^_^


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