Nerdfighters: Giving the New Yorker Something to Talk About

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

What began as nothing more than a YouTube conversation between two brothers, has become a worldwide phenomenon which seeks to “increase awesome and decrease world suck”. The Nerdfighter Community is primarily an online community which encourages the creation of an inclusive environment for those who do not embrace the mainstream culture. In other words, if you love video games, reading, anime, manga, vloggers, bloggers, academics, charities, writing, science fiction, fantasy, etc… then you’re probably a Nerdfighter.

8714-nerd-nerdfighteria I’m sure that I’ve brought up this topic many MANY times before – for I am a proud member of the Nerdfighter community and I like to make sure everyone knows it – there is actually a specific reason for today’s excessive praising. Yesterday, an article was published for the online edition of The New Yorker, and it just happened to be all about Nerdfighteria and the man (or I guess I should say ‘men’) behind it all.

The article was inspired by another article written by Margaret Talbot, featuring a transgender teenager named Stephen who apparently called himself a Nerdfighter. This caught the attention of Michelle Dean, who decided to write a story connecting this teenagers story with the ever growing community of people who, in some cases, share a similar life story.

Here are the links to both articles:

A Note on Nerdfighters

About a Boy

It’s after reading stories like this that I am reminded why I became a Nerdfighter in the first place. They are the kind of people who will welcome you into their community with open arms, giving you a chance to feel that sense of belonging that you wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise. What’s more, due to the diversity of the group, you will always manage to find a place where you automatically ‘click’, whether through shared interests or shared experiences. I should also not neglect to mention that this group does more than just bring people together to socialize and make friends; they use their power and fame within the YouTube community to do good in the world, which is best observed during their annual ‘Project for Awesome’ charity event (see previous posts in Event & Holiday News page for details).

Read those articles and let me know what you think. Also, if you happen to be living in Ottawa, and would like to get in touch with your local Nerdfighter Community, here is the link to the Ottawa Nerdfighters Facebook Group. No matter where you are, though, I can almost guarantee that there is a Nerdfighter community nearby.

That is all for today. As we say in Nerdfighteria; Don’t Forget To Be Awesome! And as always, happy reading!




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