Free Tibet Protest in Downtown Ottawa

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds!

Doesn’t it seem like sometimes, you were predestined to be in a specific place at a specific time so that you would be able to witness something life changing or inspiring? I usually shrug it off as nothing more than a coincidence, but sometimes the timing is just a little too good to be merely a crazy random happenstance (hopefully you’ve seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long-blog). It’s like the time I had been running some errands, and I just happened to be near the Chapters when I found out that Kevin O’Leary was in there at that exact moment, signing copies of his new book! What’s more, my sister is a big fan of his, and I had just been trying to come up with a good gift idea for her birthday! Coincidence? Maybe it is, but I doubt it. It’s a rather convenient coincidence, that’s for sure. Oh, and just so you know, there is a point to this little blurb ^_^

Yesterday, I had left my house to take a little walk since someone was stopping by to check out my room for the summer, since I’ll be heading back home during that period. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to feel extremely self-conscious when people are poking around in my room while I’m there. Either way, it was a nice day for a walk, so I took myself to downtown Ottawa. As always, I found myself throwing away my change on a fruit smoothie, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea given the cool breeze outside. I can assure you that my hands did not thank me later. Still, just as I was walking back outside, sipping on my raspberry-blueberry smoothie, my ears were struck by the deafening sound of a stream of people chanting in unison.

Free Tobet Protest They held their banners and signs high, and to ensure anyone looking their way would know for what or whom they march, they adorned themselves with the Tibetan flag. There had to be at least fifty people or more, walking in a linear formation down Rideau street, followed by a police escort to ensure that nothing got out of hand.

Security Present for Protest I decided to follow them for a little while, mostly to see the public reaction to this human rights display. Most people, like me, got out their cameras or camera phones to share what was happening with their friends, or like in my case, their online followers. Others looked puzzled, which is a perfectly rational reaction to something unexpected. Those who were driving either honked their horns in support, or in some cases anger as the protest did cause the traffic flow to slow a great deal.

Traffic Slowed for Protest I was only able to follow them a little ways before they turned in the opposite direction to where I was headed, but their message was clear. They sought Harper’s attention in dealing with the pressing issue of human rights in Tibet!

This movement was recognized is an official non-profit organization in the 1980’s, and it focuses on bringing attention to the state of Tibet as it sits under Chinese rule. The supporters of this cause seek to protect the Tibetan culture from going completely extinct, and to give them a voice that seems to have long ago disappeared by means of Chinese military suppression, human rights restrictions, and quashing their attempts to stage protests against these and similar injustices.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper seemed to be at the heart of their protest, as was evident by the sound of his name projected through one of the protestors megaphones. Whether or not we took notice, it’s hard to say, but it was quite the sight to see for someone who just happened to be strolling by.

I managed to get a few seconds of video footage, just so you can get a better idea of just what it was that took place yesterday around noon:

That is all for today. If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding this topic, leave them in the comments. I do hope my writing skills were able to do their cause justice, and as always, happy reading!




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