Dr. Ehsnai’s Talk: Scientific Insights into the Reality of Man (Part 1)

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WARNING: The following is a perspective on the state of reality, both from a scientific and spiritual perspective. I do not wish to force these ideas or beliefs upon anyone, and they are by no means finite responses to the worlds biggest question: why and how do we exist.  Also, this is my interpretation of Dr. Ehsani’s views, and therefore may not be entirely accurate, and possibly altered to suit any personal biases. Keep this in mind while reading or commenting. Thank you.


As promised yesterday, here is an overview of the key things that were discussed during Dr. Mehrdad Ehsani’s talk, and what I was able to extrapolate from them. There are some pretty heavy topics, and there is a lot that even I do not entirely understand, but it definitely provokes a whole new outlook on life. Hopefully the notes I took are clear enough to give you at least a general idea of concepts discussed. If you need any kind of clarification, do not hesitate to ask, and I will do my best to deliver. This is just my way of showing you how everything we are can be reduced to the written word, although even that does not do this talk absolute justice…

Dr. Mehrdad Ehsani’s talk on the Reality of Man

“Man’s Station in the Universe”

Absolute Nothingness…

“The perception of one’ nothingness will lead to a deep spiritual transformation that will change the self and everything”

–          True reality lies within the simple things that we neglect to notice

“Does a fish understand the ocean?”

  • Our science used to be guided by pre-conceptions and beliefs, which led to near total misunderstandings of our world…
  • For instance, we used to believe that the earth was flat, or that it was possible to fall of the edge of the earth. Thanks to scientific investigations, we now know that the earth is, in fact, a more or less spherical shape, and gravity prevents us from falling off its surface

“I’m interested in the way science is pointing” – Ehsani

  • when we see a sign, we do not think about the sign itself but the direction in which it is pointing…
  • Science led us to the discovery of many a phenomenon, the most miraculous of which was the Black Hole.

Black Whole”: a collapse of matter in on itself

  • There exists a black hole at the center of our galaxy. At the center of the black hole, there exists an “event horizon”, which is the point of no return – where time literally stops.
  • The stopping of time, or something that does not require the existence  of time, is what science regards as ‘eternity’.

We exist within a realm of nothingness, an empty space which contains everything which is necessary for us to live. The things is contains can be warped and manipulated by us and by nature.

“Emergent Properties”

  • This is when 2 elementory things combine in a certain way, and reveal traits/properties that are not inherent to either of one.

Example: B+E = Be

  • In essence, life itself is an emergent property of the elements. It is a very complex one, of course, one which requires a constant energy source in order to be maintained. In fact, animals and humans are the biggest consumers of energy:
  • Sun: 0.00019 W/kg
  • Planets: 0.00088 W/kg
  • Animals: 1.3 W/kg
  • Human Brain: 16 W/kg

Based on this, if there were to be other such complex creatures existing elsewhere within the galaxy, then they would be subject to the second law of thermodynamics, which is that in order to maintain entropy, there must be a maximum efficiency placed on the allocation of energy and resources. In other words, there is not enough for life to be supported elsewhere, unless we give up something.


This concludes my notes from the first talk. I elaborated on some points, to make sure that they read more clearly, and I only included that which I deemed to be the most important and fascinating. Tomorrow, I will post the notes from the second half of the talk.

I hope you found this to be every bit as interesting as I did. There is no conclusive answer as to our existence and whether it actually means something, but the theories and methods that people have devised in order to try and answer them shows that there really is not limit to the intellect, nor its imagination, which is also something that will be covered tomorrow.

That’s all for today. Once again, the Ottawa weather has switched from one extreme to the next. If it wasn’t for all the snow, I would be outside waltzing around without a coat on. Stay up to date with the weather so you don’t make a wardrobe mistake, and as always, happy reading!







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