A Fun Filled Weekend & Some Good Old Children’s Book Controversy

nerdfighters rules Hello Fellow BookNerds

Here’s a quick summary of the things that are happening this weekend in Ottawa that you don’t want to miss:

February 8th: Talk by D. Merhdad Ehsani: Scientific Insight on “The Reality of Man”

Location: University of Ottawa (CBY)

Time: 7:30pm

February 8th: The Vagina Monologues

Location: University of Ottawa (Alumni Auditorium)

Time: 6:30pm

February 8th – 10th: Ottawa Fashion Week

Location: Ottawa Convention Centre

February 8th – 9th : Girls Night 2013

  • 8th: Girls Night Concert (University of Ottawa – UCU) @ 8:30pm
  • 9th: Girls Night Out – Classy Evening (JunXion Public House) @ 8pm

February 1-18th: Ottawa Winterlude 2013

  • 8th: Photo exhibit, Capital Comedy Fetsival, Lantern Garden, Outdoor Art Gallery, Intro. to downhill skiing, Kicksleds, Superslides at Snowflake Kingdom, Kiddie Zone,  Winter Obstacle Course
  • 9th: Sub-zero digital art, Beaver Cup Pond Hockey, Team Yukon Snow Carvers, Animal tracking on Snowshoes, Giant Tiger Train
  • 10th: Celebrating International Development week, Tours of Bytown Museum, A Day in Yukon

These are just a few things to consider doing if you happen to be in Ottawa this weekend.

Now for some LITERARY NEWS!

A little while ago, I mentioned an article in my blog which addressed the issue of children’s toys and how Hasbro should start making toys more gender neutral. Well, books are starting to present the same issue.

Children's Books at Harrods  “Children’s Books At Harrods Leave TV Producer ‘Shocked And Appalled”

This article from the Huffington Post was written in response to criticisms uttered on Twitter regarding a couple of books that were put up on display in the new “gender-neutral toy department for kids” at London’s department store Harrods. The books were placed side by side, the title pages clearly indicating which one is for girls, and which one is for boys; not exactly the best way to promote gender neutrality.

I have nothing against books being written for specific gender groups, but when they give children the impression that they have to live up to certain societal expectations, that’s where I draw the line. Girls should not be made to feel like the only way they can be valued is if they look pretty, and that it’s only okay for boys to be smart. I grew up both playing baseball and playing with barbie dolls, never considering either of them being strictly meant for guys or girls. Just like with the easy bake oven’s, children should feel comfortable enough to play with any toys – or books – they want.

That’s all for today. Time for me to go back to watching The Guild and study for my next midterm. Until next time, happy reading!


Book Nerd




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