“Scientific Insights into the Reality of Man”

Hello All!

There is a lot going on in Ottawa this month, especially on campus at the University of Ottawa. On February 8th at 7:30pm, you will all have the opportunity to come out and listen to an insightful talk about the ‘reality of man’, given by Dr. Mehrdad Ehsani, a professor of sustainable energy engineering at Texas A&M University. It will be taking place at the Frank Stronach Auditorium, located in the Colonel By building, and will be open to both students and the general public. Here is a brief overview of the talk, taken directly from the events page on Facebook:

Dr. Mehrdad Ehsani “The Universe is very simple: mostly made of hydrogen, helium and energy. However, the earth contains amazing complexity that is nearly unique in the universe. Unique circumstances have made possible organic chemistry and life on earth, leading to the most complex structure in the universe: the human brain. For example, we can show that the energy consumption of the human brain per kilogram is 100,000 times the energy per kilogram that our sun can produce. The purpose of all this miraculous combination of events is human consciousness and spiritual awareness. In this talk, I shall
explore this physical-spiritual phenomenon. A discussion period will follow.”

“The talks will be appropriate for students and faculty in sciences and other subjects, as well as the general public. Scientific concepts are used as a gateway to introduce the state of Absolute Nothingness, enlightened consciousness. The audience can even connect along the way subliminally without comprehending the information intellectually. Unadulterated truths have a way of being absorbed by sincere souls beyond their learning, like a pleasant song in a foreign language which is still meaningful.”

If you need to take a little break from the overwhelming number of winter activities, or just want to come inside and warm up your brain as well as your body, then you definitely want to add this to your calender. Since we all exist within the physical world, this lecture is relevant to all of us, whether we agree with his views or simply want to debate them. Either way, there is always something to be gained from exposing ourselves to some of humanities greatest minds.

Hopefully you all attempt to make it out to this talk, and until next time, happy reading!

Cheers 🙂



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