Word of the Week: Eccedentesiast

Hello All!

Oh Ottawa, your constantly changing weather pattern continues to amaze and irritate me. I have given up on trying to dress appropriately, as it is a futile effort when one minute it’s raining, and then next thing I know the sidewalk is frozen solid, and I pretty much have to skate all the way to class. As fun as that may sound, it is less so when you have to climb up a steep hill to get there!

Enough of my venting, though. It’s impossible to stay angry when writing for my favorite segment: “Word of the Week”.


fake smile

Definition: One who fakes a smile

Synonyms: Facade, false smile, actor/actress

Word Origin: It is a term that is normally used to define people who go in front of the camera and have to fake a smile for the sake of the audience. The term is suspected to have first been coined by Florence King, an American Novelist and writer for the National Review. She refered to this term in her column ‘The Misanthrope’s Corner’  when talking about politician’s and tv hosts.

This is a great literary term to use if you’re trying to describe a character who tends to be reluctant when it comes to displaying genuine emotion. Or, perhaps you know people who will go out of their way to force a smile, even if their true emotions betray their physical representation of their emotions.

That’s all for today. If you’re planning on visiting Ottawa, be sure to keep both a winter coat and an umbrella on you at all times; you never know when you might need them. Until next time, happy reading!

Cheers 🙂

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