Word of the Week: Avarice

Hello All!

Sorry this post comes so late in the day, but time slips away like a leaf on the wind when you’re not looking. Also, I just had a tone of other things to do, but that just doesn’t sound as poetic.

As I promised yesterday, I will be returning back to my usual posting schedule, starting with my favourite segment; Word of the Week.



Definition: Extreme greed for wealth or material gain … insatiable desire for riches

Synonyms: greediness, craving, yearning, covetousness, cupidity, etc…


Avarice is a term that stems from both latin and french roots, and can be traced back to the Middle Ages (the specific date is difficult to pin point, although most research points to the 1300’s). “Avaritia”, which is the Latin term for greed, is among the seven original deadly sins: superbia (pride), invidia (envy), ira (wrath), acedia (sloth), gula (gluttony), luxuria (lust), and avaritia (greed). It’s a term that is usually associated with monopolies and corporations, or in the Middle ages, lords and kings.

There are some words in the english language that sound just like the action they represent, and to me, this word is one of them. The sharp bite created by the letter ‘v’, and the drawn out ending like the sound of a snake; it sounds like a sin even without knowing what it means.

This has been your weekly segment of Word of the Week, and until next time, happy reading!

Cheers 🙂


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