Hello All!

Sorry I got to posting so late today, but I have spent almost the entire day trying to decide what to pack for my long awaited trip to Toronto for the NASH ’75 Conference: Redesign, which is hosted by the Canadian University Press.


This is an amazing opportunity, especially for aspiring journalists such as myself, to make connections and behold the wisdom of those who have worked in the profession long enough to know all the in’s and out’s. It’s going to be five days of learning, engaging, interacting, with a little bit of fun thrown into the mix of course. Members of Canadian University newspapers from every part of Canada will be attending, which means the opportunity to meet people who are in similar positions as myself.

Due to my attendance at this conference, coupled with the full schedule that will be occupying most of my time, I may not be able to blog every day. I will try to find some spare time, possibly in the evening. If I do write, it will be to give you all a glimpse of the things I have seen, heard and experienced during this once in a lifetime opportunity. To get you started, here is a link to one of the main websites providing information about the event and those who are hosting it:


I am so excited to be immersed into a world dedicated to telling the stories of the world, to the world. I will also try my best to get some reading done, so that I may present you with another Book Recommendation. Until then, happy reading everyone!

Cheers 🙂


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