BLaze Breeds Tragedy during the Christmas Holidays

Hello All!

In my opinion, the best kind of news is no news, especially with all of the terrible things we have witnessed on the news this past year. Unfortunately, those things continue to happen whether they are reported by the news or not.

This past Tuesday, on Christmas Day, a fire broke out in Western New York. The house was the home of an ex-con by the name of William Spengler, who is suspected to have started the fire himself. When firefighters came to put out the blaze, they were shocked to find a hostile Mr. Spengler, who instead of accepting their attempts to rescue him, began to open fire at them. Four fire fighters were shot, two of which died at the scene. Spengler had already been serving 17 years in prison for manslaughter, and this final act seems to fit in with his past behavior. He even left a note behind to let people know that he did this for one reason, and one reason only: “to do what I like best, killing people”.

He intended to take out as many people as possible, which is evident from the arsenal he kept in his household. Disturbingly enough, the type of guns he had used were almost identical to the ones used in the elementary school shooting in Connecticut.

If one fire wasn’t enough, another fire was started yesterday in Edmonton, taking with it eight businesses and resulting in several million dollars worth of damages. The fire was started when someone drove their pickup truck into a nearby restaurant, and then it continued to spread onto the nearby buildings. The fire spread rapidly, and people were shocked when they arrived the next morning, intending to do some shopping.

There does not seem to be any certainty as to whether the cause of this fire was deliberate, but the result is nothing short of devastating. On the sunny side though, buildings can be rebuilt. This incident could have been a whole lot worse. Those two firefighters, on the other hand, have lost their lives and there is no amount of wood and nails that can fix that.

This past year has been filled with hardship, tears, and so many lives cut short so unexpectedly. As this years draws to a close, and another year about to begin,all we can do is reflect on the things that have happened and hopefully learn something from all of these tragedies so that they do not happen again.

My heart goes out to the families of those two firefighters who were killed, and the other two who are currently recovering in the hospital. My sympathies also go out to those who lost their jobs and their businesses to that restaurant fire. I hope everyone is able to get back onto their feet, and that this has not shattered the joy that is usually associated with this time of year.

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