Word of the Week!

Hello All!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, full of merriness and cheer. As a little gift from me to you, here is a new word that you can use to make someone really happy.




Definition: “Eternally beautiful and unfading” or “resembling the amaranth”

Synonyms: eternal, everlasting, continual, deathless, immortal, perpetual.

This is a term that was originally derived from the word ‘amaranth’, which was the name of an undying flower. It was altered several times, going through Latin, Greek and European filters. Many Roman poems were also written about this imaginary flower that never died, making it a poetic favourite. It was used in many famous poems, and was believed to have been coined by Milton in his poem “Paradise Lost” in the late 1600’s.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Word of the Week. Enjoy the rest of your Holidays, drink lots of hot chocolate, and watch out for icy patches.

Cheers 🙂



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