Day 2 of P4A 2012!

Hello All!

We are now in the second day of the Project For Awesome on YouTube. Even though I have been bedridden with this blasted cold, I have managed to comment on, like and share many charity videos, which has definitely made me feel a lot better about having a cold.

Last night, in my opinion, was the highlight of this event, mainly because Wil Wheaton blessed us with his presence, and he showed his support by agreeing to do certain things when we reached a specific amount of money and/or comments. Below are just some of the things he did, most of which were made possible thanks to his wife.

Googly Eyed Wheaton    Sexy Pirate Wheaton  Froggy Wheaton

Wil Wheaton was such a good sport, and his willingness to put on his own little cosplay encouraged people to donate, eventually reaching over $300 000 dollars raised!

This is the sixth year that the vlogbrothers have hosted the Project for Awesome, and this has been by far the most successful one yet. The great thing about this event is that it both creates awareness about different issues that should be addressed in society, and it also raises money to help support the charities that address these issues, both directly and indirectly.

In case you were interested in joining the livestream, you can click play on the video below. It is currently being hosted by Robert Jones until John Green comes back from lunch:

Keep in mind that two pennies will be donated by the vlogbrothers for every comment that is made on a Project for Awesome video! We’re just about at 380,000 comments, so get out there and type!

Spread the awesome and decrease world suck!!


Cheers 🙂


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