P4A 2012!

Hello All!

So I am still combating this particularly nasty cold virus, but I am feeling well enough at the moment to post something, especially since today is the 2012 Project for Awesome! In short, this is an excuse to spend the day watching YouTube videos, but these videos were made in support of a favourite charity of their choice. It is hosted by John and Hank Green, and all you have to do is watch the P4A videos that people have made, like them, and comment on them. For each like and each comment, a certain amount of money will be donated to that charity! It’s easy, fun, and you won’t feel guilty about spending all day on YouTube 🙂 Below is the video that gives you a little more information on just what this whole project is about:

Now, I know it’s Monday, and that means I’m supposed to be presenting a ‘Word of the Week’, but due to me falling ill while trying to keep up with the Project For Awesome, you’re just going to have to survive without a new addition to your vocabulary until next week.

Since most of you are probably on YouTube anyway, you might as well go look up some of the Project for Awesome videos, and you can also check out John Green’s livestream, where he will direct you to certain non-profit charity videos, keep you posted on how much has been raised, and just keep you entertained.


Cheers 🙂


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