Word of the Week: Sacchariferous

Hello all!

With only one exam left, I now have time to resume my regular blogging. I shall start by presenting this today’s “word of the week”. This one, and many of the words to come, are brought to you by my Ottawa Nerdfighters, who pulled out all the stops to present me with a list of unusual, mysterious and rare words that  I am anxious to learn!


Definition: “containing or producing sugar”

Synonyms: sweetened, honeyed, candied,

Origin: This term was most popularly used in reference to the sugar cane, but it also refers to anything that contains sugar or where something sweet can be produced from it. The more commonly used term which refers to the actual substance is “saccharine”, which is anything ‘overly sweet’. This meaning for the word was adopted in the 1800’s, whereas in the 1600’s it simply referred to actual sugar. Unfortunately, finding the origin of the actual term ‘sacchariferous’ ended in nothing short of a failure, except a single reference that stated that this term first came about in the mid 1700’s.

If you happen to know a bit more about the history behind this word, feel free to share, and let it no longer be a mystery to the rest of us.

This has been your word of the week, and tomorrow, I will be presenting you with a new Book Recommendation, so that you can add something to your holiday shopping list.


Cheers 🙂

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