Should Uninformed Voters Vote?

In light of the most recent presidential election, an interesting question has arose that demands at least a fragment of our attention.

It’s creates quite the dilemma when you need people to vote, but not everyone is enthusiastic about the prospect. In this article from The Fulcrum, I and one of the other members of The Fulcrum debate in a point – counter point about whether voters who are politically uninformed should be allowed to vote. My point is from the opposing view, indicating the negative aspects associated with forcing people to vote who had no motivation to do so in the first place, and who have absolutely no knowledge of the candidates. Follow the link bellow to the official article:

Casting The Ballot

Do you lean in any particular direction on this matter? If so, I’m interested to hear it. Leave your comments below, and like always, I am open to any comments or criticisms about my work.

Cheers 🙂

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