Warning, This Product May Contain … Heart Disease?

November 6th, 2012

We all love junk food. Even I, who grew up eating almost entirely home grown diners and sugar free snacks, cannot ignore the temptation that comes about when I see french fries or sugar coated doughnuts. There are so many health problems cause by making unhealthy food choices, and they are no longer going unnoticed. This opinion piece touches on the new idea put forward by the OMA to create a new labeling system for packaged foods, and from what I’ve seen, they look a lot like those disturbing pictures you can find on any tobacco product. Is it a good idea? Maybe yes, maybe no. This article will give you my say on the matter, but feel free to look into this development yourself.

Warning, This Product May Contain … Heart Disease?

Just a reminder that these are my own work, and are published in the University of Ottawa’s student paper “The Fulcrum”, which is available both in paper format as well as online at http://www.thefulcrum.ca . You can also follow us on Twitter under the same name for updates on university events or the big stories. I post all of my published news articles on my ‘Journalism Works’ page if this peeks your interest enough to want to see more.

I do hope you enjoy, and as always, your comments and criticisms are more than welcome 🙂

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