2012 Presidential Election is Finally Here

There will be jeers and tears, but most importantly, there will be cheers as the voting booths close and both candidates stand tall before their public in the anticipation of seeing their name on the headlines next morning as the newly elected, or re-elected President of the United States.

At this point, it appears to be a pretty close race. In the first debate, Romney seemed to have the upper hand, exuding confidence and enthusiasm while Obama seemed worn out and reluctant to go on the offensive. By the second debate, things turned around for Obama, showing everyone the genuine Obama that they had elected four years ago. By the third round, they were finally back on an even playing field, bringing up the critical issues of foreign policy and military action.

They both had their ups and downs, but non of that matters now. At this point, it’s all about the numbers, and hopefully there won’t be any glitches or snags that could jeopardize the results. In the past, there have been issues where online or electronic votes were tampered with, so that it didn’t matter whom you voted for, it would process as a vote towards the other candidate. Then there was the case where people who had passed away were miraculously able to rise from their graves and cast their votes, which came to be known as the case of “ghost voters”. Then, more recently in 2011, there was the incident of the ‘robocalls’, where voters received phone calls that provided them with false information about the location of their voting stations.

So, assuming all is able to go well, then not only will we be looking at the new president for the next four years, but it will be a legitimate one, reinforcing the legitimacy of their democracy, something which many people have questioned over the years. Can you blame them? There are far too many incidents where the majority or the minority opinion of the public were shot down by the government, silencing the voices that did not fit in with their political agenda. Democracy is supposed to be about giving a fair and equal voice for all, and at any time, not just when it happens to suit the political leaders’ schedule. That’s pretty much the deciding point for me in an election. If I can trust that the leader will not immediately dismiss the voices of their people, then they have my vote.

Be sure to follow the election coverage throughout the day, and if you have any opinions on the candidates, the election process, or any other related issues, don’t be afraid to leave your ideas in the comments below. This is an historical moment that will have a huge impact on our futures, whether we live in the states or not, which is why the decision that is made tonight deserves the attention of all.

Cheers 🙂



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