Happy November

It’s cold, the trees are practically naked, everyone is sporting a red flower, and all of the assignments are coming due. Yup, it’s definitely November 🙂 It never seems like there’s anything going on in this month, and it doesn’t help that it comes right before the month that houses the biggest holiday of the year. It was only today that I realized that there is a lot more going this month than what I first assumed, which makes me feel a little happier about it being my birthday month.

First off, we have Remembrance day. For this longest time, all I could think about on that day was having to get up on stage with the choir and sing Flanders Fields, hopefully without noticeably screwing up any of the notes. It wasn’t until later on in grade school that I finally realized that it held a lot more subtext, which explained why so many people were either crying or standing with a look of respect and pride on their faces. Staying in the capital of Canada definitely helps to fully grasp what that day of the year represents, and even I cannot help but feel tears come to my eyes as the bagpipes play and the veterans march along Parliament. It’s a city full of history.
Then, there is Movember. For those of you who don’t know, there is a reason behind all of the guys you know suddenly sprouting ridiculous looking facial hair. It’s meant to raise both funds and awareness about men’s health, more specifically prostate cancer and mental health. To those men who are participating, I wish you good luck, and don’t be afraid to grow one of those big, curly mustaches 🙂 If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link to the Movember Canada site, which will not only provide you with more information, but will also direct you to where you can register and/or donate to the cause.

Finally, we have one of my most favourite events of all; *drum roll* …. NANOWRIMO! Have you tried to write a story, but then found yourself writing your way into a dead end, or simply didn’t have any kind of motivation or the time to do it? Well,  that’s where nanowrimo can help you out. Basically, you register yourself on their site, you fill out the basic information you have about your story, and then every day you have to write so many words until you reach the main goal of 50 000 words. It’s not really a competition, and the quality of the story doesn’t really matter either. In fact, the whole point is to just finish the story without worrying about any of the grammatical or spelling errors; that’s what you worry about after November is over. Instead of listening to me ramble on about it, here’s the link to the Nanowrimo site, where you can register, send in every part you’re able to finish writing on a daily basis, and hopefully reach the end with a finished novel in your hands. This is my first time participating, but I have heard great things about it from my friends who have done it, and so far I’m enjoying it.

So, that’s November for you. I just want to end this on the note that I have purchased myself a few new novels, but judging by the workload that my calendar keeps reminding me of, I most likely won’t get around to finishing them until December. Of course, sometimes my will power isn’t enough to keep me from prying open the pages of amazing books, especially when they are within arms reach and are simply begging to be read 🙂

Happy November Everyone!


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