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Hello all! Just in case you haven’t cast an eye on it yet, here is a sample from my new page  “Life: A New Perspective”. Essentially, I will write about anything and everything that happens to catch my eye, from the important  issues to simple everyday observations. I do hope you will enjoy this new addition to the creative family, and for your convenience, I will try to post them on the main page as well. And as always, I encourage your comments and/or critiques!

Cheers 🙂

Tuesday October 23rd, 2012


The utterance of this eight letter word is enough to gauge a person’s level of interest, whether that passionate little twinkle will ignite in their eye right before they start listing off the reasons why their political party of choice is the best, or if there is no trace of that twinkle because not only are their eyes glazed over, but they have fallen into a state that is not unlike a possum playing dead until the threat leaves. Then there are those people who find themselves somewhere in between, interested in the concept of politics but don’t really have any idea where they stand on the matter, making it difficult to immerse themselves in any kind of heated debate on the matter. This is where I reside. I find politics fascinating, and I try to follow it as closely as possible, but I fear that my curiosity and intrigue are not enough to make up for my lack of political knowledge, leaving me in a position where my opinions end up based on face-value facts! This does not mean, however, that my opinions are entirely without merit. Last nights debate, for example, was one I found most engaging, and although the topic discussed was heavy, I still found that I was able to determine which side had the better argument.

For those of you who either missed the debate, or simply had no desire to – which I will not hold against you, debates are not for everyone – it was the final opportunity for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to show the people of America which one of them deserves to sit in the presidential chair for the upcoming term. Oh, and in case I didn’t already mention this, I am Canadian, so my opinions are not influenced in the same manner as those who live in the country that will be experiencing a possible change in leadership. I suppose that removes some of the bias from my opinion, but I will not deny the emotional connection that exists between my opinions and how they are formed, as I am only human. Anyway, the topic for the debate was on foreign policy, so they discussed issues ranging from Al Qaeda, to Libya, and even just a general idea of what kind of relationships they hoped to build between the United States and the countries of the Middle East. In fact, I think I will be so kind as to provide you with the link so that you can watch the debate and then have something to talk about with your friends (unless you would rather remain on the topic of One Direction or Justine Bieber, in which case I will leave you to it).

(visit “Life: A New Perspective” page to read the rest of this piece, and many more)

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