Our Savior: A Ballad

I found this while looking through the many written works that were produced by my creative hand during my grade 12 writers craft class. I never felt more inspiration for writing than the days I spent sitting at that desk, listening intently as the teacher gave us our next assignment. This was an example of a ballad we were supposed to come up with, and because I was entering into my ‘nerdy phase’, which I honestly think has been permanently incorporated into my personality, this one was dedicated to none other than the infamous time lord, Dr. Who! Enjoy :)

Our Savior

By Emily Manns

A vast amount of galaxies

So little time to see

A man of bravery and time

Has come to set us free


Soaring through time through his Tardis

Meeting creatures of old

Saving our planet from darkness

His name remains untold


In the library shadows sleep

Waiting for human flesh

If two shadows behind you creep

Bones and skin will then mesh


Everyday when we’re safe at home

Stars winking down at you

Remember that one ancient name

You’re safe with Dr. Who


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